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Smoke 'em Inside!

or: As Long as it was Deep

1 December 1979
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I, Jeremy Butterfield, have lived all my life in the U.S.A., but am very interested in the world, particularly the human's will to persevere as expressed through numerous fashions such as agriculture, architecture, the arts, music, storytelling, religion, and social customs.

It is through these testaments that present man will forge their impression upon this known universe; and it is on this quest that I am trying to send my life.
abandoned places, abbas kiarostami, acting, akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, andre bazin, andres segovia, archetecture, arthur rimbaud, asterix and obelix, astronomy, baseball, baseball radio-broadcasts, beethoven, big daddy: sgt-pepper's lonely-hearts-club-band, books, bread, bridges, c.s. lewis, cafes, cezanne, charlie chaplin, cheeks, cityscapes, cognition, cooking, cycling, diaries, discussions, douglas r. hofstadter, drawing, dreams, editing, ella fitzgerald, eyes, fitness, flann o'brian, fyodor dostoevsky, g.k. chesterton, gestures, girl's clothing, glenn gould, good and evil, hank williams, herge, humphrey bogart, i love lucy, jacques tati, james randi, jan svankmajer, jd salinger, jean-pierre leaud, jean-pierre melville, language(s), lewis carroll, looney tunes, maakies, marlon brando, martin gardner, midieval to baroque music, monty python, napes, nikolai gogol, novel with cocaine, orson welles, osip mandelstam, parks, peeling skin, pianos and piano playing, pier paulo pasolini, playing, porches, rainer maria rilke, reading outloud, recycling, reese witherspoon, reflections, renaissance art, roaming, robert bresson, rubaiyat (edward fitzgerald's rendering), sandy koufax, shakespeare, shorelines, singing, skies, slav-mystic cinema (dovchenko-to-sokurov), slides, sounds, soup, staircases, stanley kubrick, stephen jay gould, swimming, the 3 stooges, the beatles, the bible, the big lebowski, the cars, the new world, thrift stores, tomboyish girls, toshiro mifune, trails, traveling, trees, used-book stores, waists, wanda landowska, wc fields, wooden roller-coasters, words, writing