Jeremy (butterwelles) wrote,

Weddings. Vactations.

I haven't written in this regularly for so long, that I don't know where to begin.

This weekend is the wedding of a friend of mine, taking place somewhere in the northeastern LA area.  I'm glad to see that this wedding has many people attending -- the vows resonate amongst the throngs, who shall henceforth become not only the witnesses, but the support.  It's important that as many people as the couple knows attend such ceremonies.  Support in numbers is a powerful spur and check.  But just as important is that the fewest possible people show up that the couple doesn't know, or else the ceremony greatly risks losing its sacredness, becoming instead theatre.  With theatre, the performers are not expected to continue playing their roles once out in the streets.  With ceremony, they are.


From June 6th to June 13th I will also be visiting down south; this time the east coast, in South Carolina.  Seeing my cousin and his two boys.  My brother is coming too.  I've never been there.  This should be something!
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