Jeremy (butterwelles) wrote,

Love-Letter Found

Walking home from school tonight, in the street, like I always do at night, I was passing a parked car when I noticed a piece of paper with handwriting on it sticking out of the window. My first thought was, "it's probably one of those angry-neighbor notes," and I quickly looked over the car's parking location; but it didn't seem to be blocking anything. Now I was curious, so I walked around to the driver's window, in which the paper was stuck, and began to read. It was written with shinny green ink, in big, loopy letters -- probably the writing of a young woman. It began, "Good morning my love." Realizing this was a personal note, I got a bit embarrassed and probably blushed. I read no further; instead turned away and continued home. Imagining the happiness of the person who was to find the nice letter in the morning made me smile. (Hopefully the rest of the letter was nice too.)
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