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First Week of School

Yesterday the first week of class passed. It was actually a bit exciting.  Lot's of great literature to read (but not a ludicrous amount, like was demanded at Sonoma State).  And time to read it and let its fruits digest.

Both my French teachers remember me from my previous stints at SFSU; one of them, during roll-call, even referred to me as "le pompier" (the fireman) recalling the role I had played in a play, then proceeded to explain to the class how way back (in the Fall of 2001, actually) a French class had put on Eugene Ionesco's La Cantatrice Chauve (The Bald Soprano) and I had played the part of the "le pompier".  Those who saw me perform that bufoon part in full firefighting garb that one night have always remembered it with an amused smile - which she produced during the aside.

The one downer is that the huge, wonderfully stocked library is closed for renovation until...2011!!  I'm not sure yet about where they are currently storing these books.  I doubt that many of them are available right off a shelf.

Soon I'm going to write about my 29-year-old impressions of the mostly younger college scene.
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