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Filling Out At Last

Sometime this year, for the first time in my life, I started gaining weight without effort.  I first noticed a change when warm weather came and I pulled on my shorts,  then noticed that maybe I didn't need a belt after all.  Then people started commenting that I was putting on weight and it looked good.  Then I noticed a little more of a pinch in my belly when lifting up a leg, while balancing on the other, to tie my shoe.  It seemed more a strain.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago and by chance, I weighed myself and saw 165lbs.

"No way," I thought to myself.  "Last time I weighed I was 145 or so.  I have been losing muscle, not gaining, and I don't gain weight otherwise."  I asked my mother how far off her scale was.  But soon after I weighed myself on I's scale and got the same result.  Then my rotund belly, no longer flat (or convex) as like two years ago, suddenly seemed more bloated.  It could even obstruct my view of my...  We went swimming and I poked fun at me.

Actually, I was glad this had finally happened.  For quite some time now I'd been hearing about how at around the age of 30 one's metabolism slows down and one starts to add weight.  I've always been too skinny.  But I've also never been fired enough to pump the weights while shoveling food down my gullet at every waking moment (I believed the latter would develop bad habits).  So finally I have my body working for me.  Now I just have to "redistribute" this weight from around my waist (where sadly most of it seems to have settled) towards my legs and especially arms.  I've been consistently running, biking, hiking, and doing body-building (without weights) and stretching since then.

I was sick this weekend, but only needed three days of rest.  Yesterday I biked calmly to and from work (more on that this weekend).  And today I did the same a little less strictly, and did some abs, leg-raises, 30 push-ups and 10 pull-ups.  I'm still congested in my lungs, but my body feels stronger than it has for a while.  Maybe soon my protruding veins will return.
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